Waitress-san Hai!


Waitress-san Hai!
TitleWaitress-san Hai!
Original titleウエイトレスさんハイ!
Publishers Evolution


Our hero, who is really into uniforms, wants to buy a bike and decides to work part time at a restaurant called "The White Plum." The White Plum is well known among uniform groupies. Most of the customers are here to see the girls, so there are hardly any males working here. Our hero luckily has a friend employed at the restaurant, who helps him get a job. However, the manager says, "You cannot have a relationship with any of the waitresses."

Our hero refuses to give up. He waits for the right time to get close to the girls. As he protects the cute waitresses from other guys, just what will our hero find awaiting him?

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2002-02-0118+  Waitress-san Hai!Non-freeCommercial1 CD  


Character summary

Main character Arai Yui
Voiced by Kaori
Main character Fujihara Kei
Voiced by Serizono Miya
Main character Katori Minaho
Voiced by Nishida Komugi
Main character Morii Mayumi
Voiced by Kisaragi Mikoto
Main character Ootsuki Kana
Voiced by Hokuto Minami
Main character Ri Reiran
Voiced by Miru

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  Waitress-san Hai!

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