Si-Nis-Kanto -Shijou no Sora-

Si-Nis-Kanto -至上のソラ-

Si-Nis-Kanto -Shijou no Sora-
TitleSi-Nis-Kanto -Shijou no Sora-
Original titleSi-Nis-Kanto -至上のソラ-
LengthVery long (> 50 hours)
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With the crumbling of Paradise comes a love/hate drama with impact.

A war that enveloped the world has ended, leaving nothing behind. This is the "Age of Winter", a time of impoverishment and ruin. Former scientific technology has been lost, and the world's technology has plummeted back to the levels of the 1960's.

On an isolated island in the north, a "paradise" has been created for children who have lost their place in the world.

Maki lives out his days here at a boarding school in this "paradise" together with his best friend Eshika. Students of this school are not allowed into the outside world prior to graduation, and outsiders are not permitted entrance.

These somewhat boring days were extremely peaceful and beloved.

But one day, unknown men appear on the island, pointing guns at Maki and the others with no hesitation...