Milky Season


Milky Season
TitleMilky Season
Original titleミルキィ・シーズン
Publishers KID
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As the newly appointed manager of a female students' dormitory, the player interacts and potentially finds love with 12 beautiful girls.

[from NCSX]


2002-02-28  Milky SeasonNon-freeCommercial  
2002-02-28  Milky SeasonNon-freeCommercial1 GD-ROM  


Character summary

Main character Ayase Miki
Voiced by Ogura Fumie
Main character Ayase Mio
Voiced by Ogura Fumie
Main character Chiura Marin
Voiced by Arishima Moyu
Main character Fujiwara Itsuki
Main character Hoshinami Chihaya
Voiced by Nishiguchi Yuka
Main character Morishita Urumi
Voiced by Okamoto Asami
Main character Nonohana Saori
Voiced by Kageyama Masumi
Main character Ranzaki Reika
Voiced by Mannaka Yukiko
Main character Shindou Kasumi
Main character Tachibana Mashiro
Voiced by Konno Hiromi
Main character Touyama Sachie
Voiced by Makishima Yuki
Main character Usami Yun
Voiced by Kaneda Tomoko

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