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Zecchou Spiral!! ~Geshukunin wa Wagamama Ecchi na Onna no Ko Bakari~

ぜっちょースパイラル!! ~下宿人はわがままエッチな女の子ばかり~

TitleZecchou Spiral!! ~Geshukunin wa Wagamama Ecchi na Onna no Ko Bakari~
Original titleぜっちょースパイラル!! ~下宿人はわがままエッチな女の子ばかり~


Touma is a pretty average guy who has recently had to move back to his hometown due to his mother’s death. He had moved into a dormitory only to find that there was a ghost of a girl in his room! It turns out that the ghost’s name is Ao and her regret in life is that she never lost her virginity to her boyfriend and asks Touma if he could grant her wish. Touma is shocked and actually thinks to himself that there is no way a ghost and a living person can have sex. However, Ao is not the only girl in the dorm – there’s also Haruna the dorm caretaker who tries to snuggle up in bed with him every night,Natsumi – the girl from the disciplinary comitee at school who loves to play eroge, Riko who is Touma’s classmate and also the author of ero manga and Fuuka – Touma’s kouhai who’s very playful and is very interested in ero things. Surrounded by all there perverse girls, what will happen to Touma now, and will he be able to grant Ao’s wish?

[Taken from Liemyx's blog]

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