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v760.212018-10-02 at 07:10nekonekogirlMakai Tenshi Djibrilstaff
v760.202018-03-04 at 11:26savagetigerMakai Tenshi Djibril+1 cast
v760.192017-02-14 at 11:40nekonekogirlMakai Tenshi Djibrilstaff
v760.182016-04-10 at 22:31varioMakai Tenshi Djibril+1
v760.172015-05-10 at 18:38wakaranaiMakai Tenshi Djibrilstaff&cast
v760.162014-09-28 at 15:14slv76Makai Tenshi DjibrilOriginal cover
v760.152014-06-18 at 10:08warfokiMakai Tenshi Djibrilscreenshots
v760.142011-04-16 at 22:35claymoreMakai Tenshi DjibrilRelations, d2#5 "If one game 1 is listed to have a relation with game 2, and game 2 has a relation with game 3, then game 3 does not have to be added
v760.132011-04-16 at 19:57kittyplayMakai Tenshi DjibrilFixed the rather terrible grammar of the summary provided by the website.
v760.122011-04-16 at 19:53kittyplayMakai Tenshi DjibrilAdded more sequels. Fix if it's wrong.
v760.112009-03-02 at 22:12kamechuanMakai Tenshi DjibrilAdded original title Added aliases
v760.102008-07-15 at 22:13echomateriaMakai Tenshi Djibrilreplaced the English name with the romanji one since there were no official sources for it
v760.92008-07-15 at 21:27echomateriaDjibril ~The Devil Angel~edited the description
v760.82008-07-15 at 21:17echomateriaDjibril ~The Devil Angel~h**p://frontwing.jp/product/djibril2/index.html << d >> there it is
v760.72008-07-09 at 10:42yorhelJibril ~The Devil Angel~Literal romanisation is fine as alias :)
v760.62008-05-07 at 11:46multiJibril ~The Devil Angel~Reverse relation update caused by revision 5695 of v762
v760.52008-05-07 at 11:28multiJibril ~The Devil Angel~Reverse relation update caused by revision 5691 of v761
v760.42008-05-07 at 11:23echomateriaJibril ~The Devil Angel~
v760.32008-05-07 at 11:21echomateriaJibril ~The Devil Angel~
v760.22008-05-07 at 11:09echomateriaJibril ~The Devil Angel~
v760.12008-05-07 at 11:09echomateriaJibril ~The Devil Angel~