Midaraninden Sakura Ryouran

淫忍伝 さくら繚乱

TitleMidaraninden Sakura Ryouran
Original title淫忍伝 さくら繚乱
AliasesLewd Legends Cherry Blossom Profusion
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Apple C.C. & Applemint


Daidabashi Kenzo is your usual student living on his own...
His only real concern is that he can't get "it" up....
Carrying the weight of his burdens, one day Kenzo discovers a girl, asleep, and clinging to his ceiling!
The girl, called Kugeyama Sakura, explains that she's a ninja, sent to protect a seal placed on Kenzo's body.

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