Lalka ~Tsukurareta Tenshi-tachi~

Lalka ~造られた天使たち~

Lalka ~Tsukurareta Tenshi-tachi~
TitleLalka ~Tsukurareta Tenshi-tachi~
Original titleLalka ~造られた天使たち~
DeveloperKT Factory
Publishers Pure Platinum


Main character encounters prototype software with heart "Elfalia" while travelling the cyberspace. She says she loves him and needs protection, but then disappears in a flash being hacked by someone. Protagonist creates a cyber idol "Elfi" from the backup data of "Elfalia" in order to raise "Elfalia" out of backup program.

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2001-11-1618+  Lalka ~Tsukurareta Tenshi-tachi~Story: No animationsEro: No animationsNon-freeCommercial800x6001 CD  


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