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Kinki2 -Taboo- ~Hospital Taboo~

禁忌2 -TABOO-~Hospital Taboo~

禁忌2 -TABOO-~Hospital Taboo~
Kinki2 -Taboo- ~Hospital Taboo~
PublishersSuccubus & Just
Kinki Taboo
Shops» JP¥ 1886 @ DLsite


A new nurse comes to a hospital where protagonist works. He knows her already being introduced three years ago, and her shy personality, delicate body and innocent face excite him. He has a key to a secret room in the hospital where he can do whatever he wants to her.

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Japanese (3)
2000-08-1118+Kinki2 -Taboo- ~Hospital Taboo~
2005-07-1518+Kinki2 -Taboo- ~Hospital Taboo~ Download Edition
2006-07-0718+Kinki2 -Taboo- ~Hospital Taboo~ DVDPG


Full character list

Character summary

Hiiragi MasamiMain character
Voiced by Shiina Juri
Katagiri KasumiMain character
Voiced by Shirai Ayano
Matsumoto YuuriMain character
Voiced by Uzuki Yuki
Sugiura RyoukoMain character
Voiced by Aono Rein
Tsukikawa YuiMain character
Voiced by Serizono Miya

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