Makki, Shoujobyou -Lyrical pop world's end-

末期、少女病 -Lyrical pop world's end-

Makki, Shoujobyou -Lyrical pop world's end-
TitleMakki, Shoujobyou -Lyrical pop world's end-
Original title末期、少女病 -Lyrical pop world's end-
Publishers Blasterhead


"I'm a tank. Don't ask anything else!"

Threatened by a delirious man, Yuunagi Shin'ichi had to carry forbidden intercourse with his family.
As a result, his older sister killed herself, and his younger sister aborted, secluding herself in a shell of her soul.
To maintain himself and her sister, Shin'ichi goes around selling "Eclipse Karma Water".
Claiming it to be a miraculous water that can save the soul, it is actually tap-water, nothing more than a "false salvation".
Tormented by guilt and an inferiority complex, Shin'ichi's mind is already at the limit.
His hanged sister revived inside the "red room", and his self-closed sister keeps receiving "revelations" from the television static.
A mysterious girl, Minakami Natsuki, continually whispers--"I'll take you to the end of the world".
And finally, Shin'ichi arrives to the ruined "Cocoon" standing in the end of the world.
Is this abandoned building, where people who threw away the world live together, really the "end of the world"?
Or is it only a shelter for miserable weaklings?
The answer to all the secrets sleeps deeply in the underground of the "Cocoon"...

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