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v7691.112018-09-01 at 18:28shinnewOkinawa Slave IslandStaff role. link
v7691.102018-08-30 at 02:24bobopopOkinawa Slave IslandStaff
v7691.92018-08-30 at 00:00bobopopOkinawa Slave IslandStaff
v7691.82016-05-06 at 09:02wyq928576Okinawa Slave Islandalias
v7691.72014-07-05 at 15:46yorhelOkinawa Slave Islandt5507
v7691.62014-07-05 at 06:49yorhelOkinawa Slave IslandReverted to revision v7691.4 Please don't upload only event CGs. Check d2#6 for guidelines.
v7691.52014-07-04 at 12:55tony666Okinawa Slave Islandscreenshots
v7691.42014-03-21 at 10:50yorhelOkinawa Slave IslandReverted to revision v7691.2 Again, inconsistent resolution. The screenshots aren't the place to upload random game-related images. They're for
v7691.32014-03-21 at 10:49tony666Okinawa Slave IslandI upload screenshots
v7691.22011-08-06 at 21:10sailorseanOkinawa Slave IslandAdded better image.
v7691.12011-08-06 at 20:56sailorseanOkinawa Slave IslandAdded Okinawa Slave Island