Doura III ~Kairaiai~


Doura III ~Kairaiai~
TitleDoura III ~Kairaiai~
Original title瞳裸III~傀儡哀~
AliasesDora 3
DeveloperStudio Jikkenshitsu
Publishers Cross Net
Same series
Kokudouou ~Doura II~
Related anime[DB-ANN] Kugutsu Ai: Doura Gaiden (2001)


In order to prove the correctness of philosophy (alchemy) to the world, our hero has tried to complete his perfect cyborg, Aria. Our hero, Mislandia, has given the cyborg magic stones for eyes. It will take 30 days to prepare the necessary conditions to create "Doura," Cyborgs are expensive to make. He must have capital, and he must collect materials he will need. Our hero must also raise the power level in his cyborg assistant. In order to reach his goal, our hero has chosen to open a sex item shop.

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Side character

Body, Tail
Voiced byHokuto Minami