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v7723.522019-08-15 at 20:02bakauchuujinGrisaia no MeikyuuChanged some japanese screenshots for english ones.
v7723.512019-08-13 at 18:03kuroneko45Grisaia no MeikyuuWikidata Link
v7723.502019-04-15 at 12:59aexisGrisaia no MeikyuuTLwiki lists Meikyuu as 1.83 mb of script, looking at my own times and at other VNs with about the same amount script size (Himawari, Ever17, Fata
v7723.492018-07-18 at 10:18nekonekogirlGrisaia no Meikyuustaff
v7723.482017-04-30 at 18:46thenewmohawkGrisaia no MeikyuuFujisaki Ryuuta's role in the making of this VN in the CORRECT PRIORITY
v7723.472017-02-24 at 19:49weilaiGrisaia no Meikyuu..
v7723.462016-08-02 at 20:36lierbexGrisaia no MeikyuuI put a cg
v7723.452016-06-28 at 08:55leafcascadeGrisaia no Meikyuuwriter of Michiru's after story
v7723.442016-04-10 at 22:39varioGrisaia no Meikyuu+1
v7723.432016-03-10 at 13:42traumatizerGrisaia no Meikyuustaff note
v7723.422016-03-04 at 13:07multiGrisaia no MeikyuuReverse relation update caused by revision v19072.1
v7723.412016-01-20 at 19:32multiGrisaia no MeikyuuReverse relation update caused by revision v18831.2
v7723.402016-01-17 at 20:07traumatizerGrisaia no Meikyuustaff notes
v7723.392016-01-05 at 19:30nutellafanGrisaia no MeikyuuEdited VA credit due to deletion of s346 to merge with s48.
v7723.382015-10-14 at 22:39traumatizerGrisaia no Meikyuustaff
v7723.372015-10-01 at 17:28traumatizerGrisaia no Meikyuu+2
v7723.362015-09-07 at 15:45weilaiGrisaia no Meikyuu.
v7723.352015-05-18 at 15:55rusanonGrisaia no MeikyuuScenario
v7723.342015-05-18 at 15:25traumatizerGrisaia no Meikyuustaff
v7723.332015-02-28 at 13:36traumatizerGrisaia no Meikyuuartists add
v7723.322015-02-21 at 00:10traumatizerGrisaia no Meikyuusome fixin'
v7723.312015-02-18 at 18:30wakaranaiGrisaia no Meikyuustaff->vocals
v7723.302015-02-17 at 22:33varioGrisaia no MeikyuuAdded scenario (Kio and Narumi)
v7723.292015-02-17 at 21:22traumatizerGrisaia no Meikyuustaff
v7723.282015-02-12 at 01:21moogyGrisaia no MeikyuuClarifying Fujisaki's credits. Source for Kajitsu and Meikyuu is directly from his personal site: link The database is currently missing the rest of
v7723.272015-02-02 at 18:41traumatizerGrisaia no MeikyuuOP name
v7723.262015-02-02 at 15:18ff80c38Grisaia no MeikyuuAdded composer.
v7723.252015-01-30 at 20:27beliarGrisaia no MeikyuuDaniel's VA
v7723.242015-01-30 at 14:33wakaranaiGrisaia no Meikyuusachi cast
v7723.232015-01-30 at 14:31traumatizerGrisaia no MeikyuuCast
v7723.222015-01-29 at 10:55wakaranaiGrisaia no Meikyuualias update.
v7723.212015-01-29 at 03:25r-2Grisaia no Meikyuuadded script writer
v7723.202015-01-29 at 01:00aexisGrisaia no MeikyuuSeiyuu
v7723.192015-01-28 at 22:33traumatizerGrisaia no MeikyuuAdd
v7723.182015-01-28 at 16:21traumatizerGrisaia no Meikyuuva
v7723.172015-01-01 at 20:38caio000Grisaia no MeikyuuAdd
v7723.162014-04-05 at 03:42multiGrisaia no MeikyuuReverse relation update caused by revision v14973.1
v7723.152012-10-30 at 03:55mahoooGrisaia no Meikyuualso includes afters and side stories
v7723.142012-07-31 at 06:01darkmind35Grisaia no Meikyuuscreenshots
v7723.132012-07-27 at 17:17orophinGrisaia no MeikyuuTitle consistency.
v7723.122012-03-03 at 10:01moogyGrisaia no Meikyuufix
v7723.112012-03-03 at 09:59moogyGrisaia no Meikyuureal summary instead of a mistranslated version of the OHP's story page
v7723.102012-03-02 at 12:59moogyGrisaia no Meikyuulength. will add screenshots later if no one else does
v7723.92012-02-09 at 14:17alessandroGrisaia no Meikyuudescription
v7723.82012-01-15 at 06:12multiGrisaia no MeikyuuReverse relation update caused by revision v7724.2
v7723.72011-12-19 at 05:52nananaGrisaia no Meikyuucover
v7723.62011-10-05 at 14:03nananaGrisaia no Meikyuucover
v7723.52011-08-15 at 03:03earthwormGrisaia no MeikyuuRelation edited
v7723.42011-08-15 at 03:02earthwormGrisaia no MeikyuuOriginal title fixed
v7723.32011-08-10 at 09:13nottfruitGrisaia no MeikyuuBetter quality (Taken from site)