Edit history of Mahoutsukai no Yoru

v777.342020-12-31 at 17:37delusionparadoxMahoutsukai no YoruAdded BLACK (accidentally removed him in the previous edit)
v777.332020-12-31 at 17:36delusionparadoxMahoutsukai no YoruAdded BLACK and graphics to Tsukuri Monoji
v777.322020-12-31 at 15:44delusionparadoxMahoutsukai no YoruAdded Tsukuri Monoji
v777.312020-11-01 at 20:05hayasaka-azumiMahoutsukai no YoruFixed two typos "sorcerey" and "commmunal" to "sorcery" and "communal". Removed the alias "Witch on the Holy Night" since it is listed in the
v777.302019-08-25 at 20:37delusionparadoxMahoutsukai no Yoruryo and Yanagi Nagi
v777.292017-01-08 at 16:20varioMahoutsukai no Yorustaff
v777.282016-08-03 at 23:49exsulMahoutsukai no Yoruadd pic (choice)
v777.272016-06-01 at 18:12otakuman007Mahoutsukai no Yoruinfo
v777.262016-06-01 at 18:10otakuman007Mahoutsukai no Yorucomposer
v777.252016-03-15 at 02:31lockon37Mahoutsukai no Yoruchanged Souichirou for Soujuurou (correct name)
v777.242015-04-15 at 04:10cyberslayerMahoutsukai no Yorucomposers - Fukasawa is missing
v777.232015-03-10 at 18:58veroninMahoutsukai no Yoruscreenshots
v777.222015-03-08 at 16:17alaraumMahoutsukai no YoruPictures with VN's default resolution.
v777.212015-03-07 at 21:52wakaranaiMahoutsukai no YoruReverted to revision v777.19 screenshots with non-native resolution, plain CGs.
v777.202015-03-06 at 10:53alaraumMahoutsukai no Yoru.
v777.192015-02-07 at 05:55veroninMahoutsukai no Yoruusing the EGS cover art because the current one is from before the game was even released
v777.182015-01-31 at 17:54harunaMahoutsukai no Yorustaff
v777.172015-01-30 at 08:10harunaMahoutsukai no YoruAdded Takeuchi as he designed some of the characters, though Koyama did the final art.
v777.162015-01-29 at 09:03myopiusMahoutsukai no Yoruadded nasu
v777.152015-01-29 at 07:57yorhelMahoutsukai no YoruNo reason for this to be locked.
v777.142012-04-27 at 18:47immlffMahoutsukai no Yorulength, also see t2655
v777.132011-07-12 at 21:14multiMahoutsukai no YoruReverse relation update caused by revision v7602.1
v777.122010-06-22 at 16:23echomateriaMahoutsukai no Yorucover?
v777.112010-02-06 at 15:08multiMahoutsukai no YoruThis visual novel was locked before the update to VNDB 2.11, no reason specified.
v777.102010-01-13 at 14:25echomateriaMahoutsukai no Yoruimage
v777.92010-01-13 at 14:24echomateriaMahoutsukai no YoruReverted to revision v777.7
v777.82010-01-13 at 14:21kanzatoMahoutsukai no YoruChanged image
v777.72010-01-10 at 11:22immlffMahoutsukai no Yorutitle romanization and alias
v777.62009-05-30 at 10:39rasqualMahou Tsukai no Yorucorrected WP link
v777.52009-04-02 at 14:59echomateriaMahou Tsukai no YoruReverted to the old image. No need to use a games homepage image as it's cover image.
v777.42009-04-02 at 14:56echomateriaMahou Tsukai no YoruReverted to revision v777.2 No need to edit the image until the actual cover is revealed.
v777.32009-04-02 at 07:59k2m2darylMahou Tsukai no YoruThey announced the release at this date but will come out soon within this year.
v777.22008-12-06 at 16:59serialiesMahou Tsukai no Yoruadded fsn, same setting.
v777.12008-05-12 at 12:58echomateriaMahou Tsukai no Yoru