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v7783.82015-04-24 at 01:50skorpiondeathRyoujoku Battle Royaleadded cast
v7783.72015-04-07 at 22:28skorpiondeathRyoujoku Battle Royaleadded cast
v7783.62015-04-07 at 20:04skorpiondeathRyoujoku Battle Royaleadded alias, description, staff
v7783.52014-03-16 at 22:09eacilRyoujoku Battle Royalepackage cover
v7783.42013-06-18 at 00:06kazuto-samaRyoujoku Battle Royalefix - how can it be a prequel if in the beginning we see the protagonist of Ryoujoku Battle Royale and a harem ending?
v7783.32012-11-03 at 13:56multiRyoujoku Battle RoyaleReverse relation update caused by revision v10472.3
v7783.22011-11-27 at 23:34abyssalerosRyoujoku Battle Royalelength + screens
v7783.12011-08-20 at 05:36eyelessRyoujoku Battle RoyaleAdded vn