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v7803.442020-03-25 at 17:50jazz957Amnesiafix
v7803.432019-03-10 at 00:29anonymousAmnesiascreens in native resolution for the listed release
v7803.422018-08-10 at 12:29machiyaaAmnesiaadd director
v7803.412017-09-18 at 21:37takashireiAmnesiaremoved an alias link
v7803.402016-12-04 at 05:24alaokAmnesiaI listened to every voice line and still finished the entire game in 25 hours. No way it's longer than 30 hours unless you're spending a lot of time
v7803.392016-01-08 at 22:07nonononAmnesiadirector
v7803.382015-12-01 at 09:25nekonekogirlAmnesiaAdded song info
v7803.372015-11-30 at 08:54nekonekogirlAmnesiaAdded PSV music info
v7803.362015-10-14 at 11:42insanityyAmnesiaSince no details were given about why my edit was reverted, I'm going to assume it was because the image didn't include the logo. This one does.
v7803.352015-10-14 at 08:20slv76AmnesiaReverted to revision v7803.33
v7803.342015-10-13 at 21:41insanityyAmnesiaMore visually appealing cover of the latest (Vita & PC) version of the game.
v7803.332015-09-23 at 21:50novellaAmnesiaFixed typo.
v7803.322015-09-23 at 21:49novellaAmnesiaFixed line break.
v7803.312015-09-23 at 21:49novellaAmnesiaUpdated description.
v7803.302015-09-10 at 00:03superelmoAmnesiaReplacing the screenshots from the English version, with screenshots with correct resolution.
v7803.292015-09-02 at 22:32sasakyoAmnesiaI put the length to "Long" because if you do all the routes and all the ends you can't possibly finish that otome game il less than 40hours.
v7803.282015-08-24 at 20:37akolitaAmnesiaAdded screenshots from English release for PS Vita
v7803.272015-06-29 at 16:35multiAmnesiaReverse relation update caused by revision v10419.9
v7803.262015-05-05 at 04:54savagetigerAmnesiacast
v7803.252015-04-05 at 06:12savagetigerAmnesiacast
v7803.242015-04-05 at 05:29savagetigerAmnesiastaff
v7803.232015-03-14 at 20:40savagetigerAmnesiastaff
v7803.222015-02-25 at 17:39parsleyAmnesiaAdded length.
v7803.212015-02-16 at 00:48parsleyAmnesiaAdded composer
v7803.202015-02-13 at 12:06nutellafanAmnesiaAdded OP/ED credits.
v7803.192015-01-30 at 18:10savagetigerAmnesiacast
v7803.182015-01-28 at 17:03nutellafanAmnesiaAdded seiyuu cast.
v7803.172014-09-29 at 04:28ayameAmnesiaMinor edit to description. Removed spoiler.
v7803.162014-09-29 at 04:24ayameAmnesiaMinor edit.
v7803.152014-09-29 at 04:20ayameAmnesiaEdited the description.
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v7803.112013-06-09 at 16:29eyelessAmnesiaReverted to revision v7803.9 Marked screenshots aren't allowed.
v7803.102013-06-09 at 11:55mizukoaokiAmnesiaAdded a screenshot
v7803.92013-02-21 at 13:25amai-yumeAmnesiaSame world for Glass Heart Princess.
v7803.82012-10-10 at 14:20atlantimaAmnesiaWiki article and upcoming anime
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v7803.42011-09-13 at 03:36atlantimaAmnesiadescription, images
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v7803.22011-08-22 at 20:20turbomugenAMNESIAadded info
v7803.12011-08-22 at 20:18turbomugenAMNESIAadded new otome by Idea Factory