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v7805.192019-05-04 at 09:33shinnewPlease R❤pe Me!Cast alias. link
v7805.182017-01-16 at 05:04tree43Please R❤pe Me!I'm going off of what's written on the box
v7805.172017-01-04 at 23:34checkerpeckPlease R*pe Me!Added Raito's voice actress. His entry is the last of the characters. link
v7805.162016-11-10 at 19:03varioPlease R*pe Me!staff
v7805.152015-08-19 at 20:31skorpiondeathPlease R*pe Me!added staff
v7805.142015-07-21 at 11:26asgezarPlease R*pe Me!Fixed lenght according to egs link, added scenario staf
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v7805.122015-02-15 at 22:06varioPlease R*pe Me!Added artist and composer
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v7805.72012-09-26 at 21:18binfujiwaraPlease R*pe Me!summary
v7805.62012-02-13 at 11:53shinnewPlease R*pe Me!Animu.
v7805.52011-10-29 at 20:08aristippePlease R*pe Me!added alias
v7805.42011-08-24 at 10:50yorhelPlease R*pe Me!d5#1: "For English (or other foreign) words in a non-roman script, the original word should be used as long as it is the intended effect."
v7805.32011-08-24 at 05:53teirachanPurizu Re*pu mi!Pretty sure that's what the title is...
v7805.22011-08-24 at 04:37nottfruitPurizure Pumi!Woops
v7805.12011-08-24 at 04:36nottfruitPurizure Pumi!Romanji is most likely wrong