Houkago Saimin Club


TitleHoukago Saimin Club
Original title放課後催眠倶樂部
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperStudio Charen
Publishers Studio Charen
Houkago Saimin Club 2
Same setting
Sesshoku Sennou Club


Magaki Souichi is working as a caretaker in the Tenrin school for rich children.
But it's only a cover.
His true job is being a brainwasher, who use hypnosis to turn a girl into a pervert for a client.
He's allowed to do everything to the target and their surroundings as long as he accomplish his mission.


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Magaki Souichi魔垣 想一 
Body, Young-adult
Role, Janitor
Engages in, Hypnotism