Edit history of Wonpara Wars

v7826.182017-04-29 at 01:55eacilWonpara WarsI shouldn't have capitalized it, I say goodbye to to useless aliases
v7826.172017-03-20 at 01:16eacilWONPARA WARSit's a nice cover but this is also the cover of the compilation
v7826.162017-02-05 at 22:01jazz957WONPARA WARSstaff
v7826.152016-05-08 at 18:03multiWONPARA WARSReverse relation update caused by revision v8377.9
v7826.142015-08-06 at 10:17eacilWONPARA WARSa new alias
v7826.132015-08-06 at 10:16eacilWONPARA WARStitles fixed according to the original, not the compilation
v7826.122015-06-03 at 06:56jazz957Wonder Parallel Wars IComposers
v7826.112015-06-03 at 06:50jazz957Wonder Parallel Wars IComposer
v7826.102015-05-12 at 00:11tenteishinshiWonder Parallel Wars Iadd
v7826.92015-04-05 at 22:27drjonesWonder Parallel Wars Iadded description
v7826.82015-03-11 at 23:57tenteishinshiWonder Parallel Wars Iadd
v7826.72015-02-10 at 00:13jazz957Wonder Parallel Wars IAdded composer.
v7826.62014-05-01 at 11:16slv76Wonder Parallel Wars IBigger cover
v7826.52013-05-13 at 15:15warfokiWonder Parallel Wars Iscreenshots
v7826.42012-09-14 at 10:22slv76Wonder Parallel Wars ILink
v7826.32011-11-11 at 00:46eyelessWonder Parallel Wars Ithat's different games
v7826.22011-11-10 at 22:45abyssalerosWonder Parallel Wars I & IIOriginal title + alias and title fix
v7826.12011-08-31 at 12:13nottfruitWonder Parallel Wars Igame