LengthLong (30 - 50 hours)
Publishers Poni-Pachet & Dramatic Create
 Yexiao Hanhuazu
Side story
Ozmafia!! 0 -RefleXion-
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Our heroine awakes to find herself in an unfamiliar land. She has no memories at all, not even knowing her own name.

To make matters worse, the first person she meets is out to kill her.

Our heroine runs for her life through the unknown streets, only to run headfirst into another stranger. Fortunately for her, this man is the don of the mafia famiglia Oz. With no love for would-be murderers of innocent women, he drives off her attacker and takes her underneath his famiglia’s wing.

This is hardly the end of her troubles, however. Famiglia Oz is but one of many different mafia famiglie in town, and bitter conflicts for territory rage eternally between them all. Only on Sundays does peace return to the town by a mutual compromise, and come the next day the battles continue anew as if they had never ceased.

It is in this war-torn town that our rootless heroine must find her way. Who amongst the mafias simply seeks to use her for their own ends, and who can she truly come to trust... and even love?

[From Steam]

One True End 3.0 Under the Same Roof 3.0 Hero Based on a Fictional Person 3.0 Romance 3.0 Dramatic Love Triangle 3.0 Unlockable Epilogue 3.0 Branching Plot 3.0 Voice Replay 3.0 Otome Game 2.9 Fairy Tale 2.8 ADV 2.8 Female Protagonist 2.8 Amnesia 2.8 Unlockable Event 2.8 Fighting Hero 2.8 More Than Seven Endings 2.8 Lots of Choices 2.8 Multiple Route Mystery 2.8 More Than Seven Heroes 2.8 Unlockable Bonus Content 2.8 Nameable Protagonist 2.7 Relationship Problems 2.7 Marriage Ending 2.7 Protagonist with a Face 2.6 Protagonist Based on a Fictional Person 2.6 Literary Adaptation 2.5 Voiced Default Name 2.5 Airhead Protagonist 2.5 Female Friend 2.5 Non-human Hero 2.5 Magic 2.5 Immortal Hero 2.5 Third-person Narrative 2.5 Fantasy 2.5 Heroine Based on a Fictional Person 2.5 Friendship Route 2.5 Foolish Villain 2.5 No Sexual Content 2.4 Mischievous Hero 2.3 Friendship 2.3 Medical Doctor Hero 2.3 White Haired Hero 2.3 Friendship Ending 2.3 Hero with a Sword 2.3 Polite Formal Hero 2.3 Combat Capable Friends 2.3 Donkan Protagonist 2.3 Western-style Mansion 2.2 Catgirl Heroine 2.2 Villainous Hero 2.2 Inanimate Hero 2.0 Combat with Firearms 2.0 Drama 2.0 Crime Family 2.0 Immortal Heroine 2.0 Madness 2.0 Intrigue 2.0 Past Setting in a Fictional World 2.0 Evil Route 2.0 Twins as Support Characters 2.0 Revenge 2.0 Kemonomimi Heroine 2.0 Mage Protagonist 2.0 Tomboy Heroine 2.0 Sword Wielding Heroine 2.0 Leader Heroine 2.0 Other Perspectives 2.0 Flashback 2.0 Ghost Protagonist 2.0 Kanji Puns 2.0 Female Domination 2.0 Side Images 2.0 Protagonist with Partial Voice Acting 2.0 Wedding 2.0 Master and Servant 2.0 Bad Endings with Story 2.0 Leader Hero 2.0 Hero with Glasses 2.0 Open Ending(s) 2.0 BDSM 2.0 Tsundere Hero 2.0 Dark Skinned Hero 2.0 Ghost Hero 2.0 Sacrifice 2.0 Sexual Innuendo 2.0 Butler Hero 2.0 Homicide 2.0 Hero with Eyepatch 2.0 Hero with Eye Covering Hairstyle 2.0 Hero with Heterochromia 2.0 Hero with Monocle 2.0 Coodere Hero 2.0 Priest Hero 2.0 Prostitute Hero 2.0 Promiscuity 2.0 Sadist Hero 2.0 Long Common Route 2.0 Haraguro Hero 2.0 Rival Hero 2.0 Dandere Hero 2.0 Anthropomorphized Inanimate Object 2.0 Completion Status Indicator 2.0 Unlockable Gallery 2.0 Amnesiac Protagonist 2.0 Cook Hero 1.8 Widower Hero 1.8 Brothel 1.8 Correct Choice Indicator 1.7 Death of Hero 1.7 Shota Hero 1.5 Sword Combat 1.5 Adultery 1.5 Unlockable Routes 1.5 Mind Control 1.5 Battle Royale 1.5 Hero(ine) Selection 1.3 Death of Heroine 1.3 Slums 1.2 Mindbreak 1.0 Photographic Backgrounds 1.0 Nameable Hero(es) 1.0 Relationship Chart 1.0 Church 1.0 Strangulation Sex 1.0 Pimp/Madam Protagonist 1.0 War 1.0 Unlockable Prologue 1.0 Rape Involving Drugs 1.0 Masochist Hero 1.0 Sexual Slavery (Choukyou Variation) 1.0 Deredere Hero 1.0 Married Hero 1.0 Unavoidable Protagonist Rape 1.0 Sensual Biting 1.0 Beauty Pageant 1.0 Enforced Playing Order 1.0 Petplay 1.0 Harem Ending 1.0 Gang Bang 1.0


2013-04-1515+  OZMAFIA!! - Trial EditionPartially voicedStory: No animationsFreewareCommercialNon-standardInternet downloadResolution: 999x562  
2013-06-2815+  OZMAFIA!!Partially voicedStory: No animationsNon-freeCommercialNon-standard1 DVDResolution: 999x562  
2015-02-2615+  OZMAFIA!! -vivace- Regular EditionFully voicedNon-freeCommercialPlayStation Vita port of Ozmafia!! 

Includes port-exclusive CGs and scenarios written by the original writer and illustrator, Yuumasu and Satoi, respectively.  
2015-02-2615+  OZMAFIA!! -vivace- Limited EditionFully voicedNon-freeCommercialPlayStation Vita port of Ozmafia!!

Includes port-exclusive CGs and scenarios written by the original writer and illustrator, Yuumasu and Satoi, respectively.  
2016-07-0715+  OZMAFIA!! -vivace- Trial EditionFully voicedFreewareCommercialInternet downloadAvailable on the Japanese Playstation Store.  
2016-04-2915+  OZMAFIA!! - Download EditionPartially voicedNon-freeCommercialInternet downloadEnglish version of the original PC release.

Resolution: 999x562  
2016-12-1215+  OZMAFIA!! - Limited EditionPartially voicedNon-freeCommercialNon-standard1 DVDEnglish version of the original PC release.

Resolution: 999x562

* Two-sided cover
* Game disk
* Steam key
* 6 character buttons (First press edition exclusive)  
2016-12-31  Ozmafia!! (patch)FreewareInternet downloadSimplified Chinese
another access: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/4921869505  


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Character summary

Protagonist Fuuka
Voiced by Hanamura AkikoPartially voiced
Main character Alfani
Main character Axel
Main character Caesar
Voiced by Kirimoto Takuya
Main character Caramia
Main character Dorian Gray
Voiced by Honda Hiroyuki
Main character Hamelin
Voiced by
Hara HideshiPC
Ono YuukiPSV
Main character Kyrie
Voiced by Okitsu Kazuyuki
Main character Manboy
Voiced by Awazu Takatsugu
Main character Pashet
Voiced by Fujii Kyouko
Main character Robin Hood
Voiced by Fujinami Satoru
Main character Scarlet
Main character Sou
Voiced by Iguchi Yuuichi
Side character Æling
Voiced by Kurumatani Eri
Side character Ande
Voiced by Uchiyama Yuki
Side character Gretel
Voiced by Nozuki Masami
Side character Hansel
Voiced by Enoki Jun'ya
Side character Heidi
Side character Melisus
Voiced by Okamoto Kousuke

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