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v7833.352017-08-22 at 08:24707Ozmafia!!psv cast, cover changed to limited ver
v7833.342017-04-08 at 14:42multiOzmafia!!Reverse relation update caused by revision v21095.1
v7833.332016-05-18 at 19:58dk382Ozmafia!!Sorry, but it's not nearly that long... Let's split the difference here.
v7833.322016-05-18 at 08:06novellaOzmafia!!Added anime
v7833.312016-05-11 at 22:01nightriusOzmafia!!Added alias.
v7833.302016-05-11 at 21:57nightriusOzmafia!!Previously linked picture only denotes the Japanese pronunciation of the word "OZMAFIA!! -vivace-"... A version of the title may exist in the
v7833.292016-05-11 at 10:23meikonanamiOzmafia!!look at the logo, jp title clearly there. link
v7833.282016-05-05 at 09:15rurunikiriOzmafia!!Don't know what the average completion time is or maybe i'm slow but i've done 8 routes at around 40+ hours, also taking in the possible new content
v7833.272016-05-04 at 22:33nightriusOzmafia!!based on the official game specs page, the original title is in latin alphabet.
v7833.262016-05-03 at 16:54meikonanamiOzmafia!long game, definitely not 30 hours.
v7833.252016-05-01 at 16:11minahOzmafia!desc link fix
v7833.242016-05-01 at 08:21novellaOzmafia!Added voice actor
v7833.232016-04-29 at 11:51minahOzmafia!screenshots from steam
v7833.222016-04-29 at 08:33insanityyOzmafia!updating title in accordance with the rules
v7833.212016-03-14 at 06:19novellaOZMAFIA!!Updating with synopsis from the Steam page since it gives one a better idea of what the game is about.
v7833.202016-03-14 at 05:53novellaOZMAFIA!!Updated with the official synopsis from the English site.
v7833.192015-07-11 at 19:18traumatizerOZMAFIA!!staff note
v7833.182015-05-30 at 18:56nananaOZMAFIA!!cover
v7833.172015-03-28 at 11:56traumatizerOZMAFIA!!staff note
v7833.162015-03-14 at 02:37novellaOZMAFIA!!Slightly revised to the synopsis.
v7833.152015-03-11 at 10:59nutellafanOZMAFIA!!Added staff.
v7833.142015-03-02 at 02:07nutellafanOZMAFIA!!Added notes.
v7833.132015-03-02 at 02:06nutellafanOZMAFIA!!Added VAs
v7833.122015-02-11 at 12:04nutellafanOZMAFIA!!Added artist.
v7833.112014-09-30 at 04:58ayameOZMAFIA!!I think it's kind of fun to figure out who is who in the beginning of the game. I know it's may be obvious, but I consider it a minor spoiler.
v7833.102014-09-30 at 04:41ayameOZMAFIA!!edited description
v7833.92014-07-24 at 12:56nananaOZMAFIA!!no watermark
v7833.82014-06-05 at 19:35nutellafanOZMAFIA!!Added length.
v7833.72013-04-17 at 03:59nananaOZMAFIA!!i believe it's from the trial since the full version hasn't come out yet
v7833.62013-04-17 at 00:16misskieryOZMAFIA!!add ss
v7833.52012-09-30 at 07:16nananaOZMAFIA!!cover
v7833.42012-07-21 at 07:50nananaOZMAFIA!!cover?
v7833.32011-09-26 at 15:53nekonekogirlOZMAFIA!!Added description and new image.
v7833.22011-08-31 at 21:53liemyxOZMAFIA!!Fixed Alias
v7833.12011-08-31 at 21:52liemyxOZMAFIA!!Added VN