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Luna Season ~150 Bun no 1 no Koibito~


TitleLuna Season ~150 Bun no 1 no Koibito~
Original titleるな・シーズン~150分の1の恋人~


Main character is a high school student who has bad luck with women, being turned down by 149 girls in three years. The relationship with the 150th girl finally lasts a whole month. On a helpless impulse he rapes her, and relations are on their way to disconnection. Is protagonist doomed?

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2000-11-2418+Luna Season ~150 Bun no 1 no Koibito~
2004-04-1618+Luna Season ~150 Bun no 1 no Koibito~ Reprint Edition
2004-04-1618+EMU Pack


  • Vocals
  • AkiOP "Color of happiness"

Full character list

Character summary

Main characterFuyou Miyu
Voiced by Imuraya Sakura
Main characterHamayuu Yukino
Voiced by Fukai Haruka
Main characterKaratachi Ayana
Voiced by Serizono Miya
Main characterSakurano Makiko
Main characterTsubata Kanami
Voiced by Miru
Side characterKitamoto Souya
Side characterMiyoshi
Side characterNomoto Sayoka
Side characterShinose Tomomi
Side characterYonetani Kazuyuki

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