Edit history of Seek 2 ~Sadistic Babylon~

v7878.92011-09-10 at 00:44immlffSeek 2 ~Sadistic Babylon~not a vn, see t2044.6
v7878.82011-09-09 at 22:32anonymousSeek 2 ~Sadistic Babylon~I did the translation myself, and as the owner, I would like to retract it. I don't want to contribute to this site.
v7878.72011-09-09 at 15:49eyelessSeek 2 ~Sadistic Babylon~title, cover
v7878.62011-09-09 at 15:06yorhelSEEK2 ~SADISTIC BABYLON~Reverted to revision v7878.4 I couldn't care less, it's still not allowed per d2#6. Next change to the screenshots either follow the guidelines or
v7878.52011-09-09 at 14:05anonymousSEEK2 ~SADISTIC BABYLON~Correction to the previous release: No, they were actual screenshots, only with the company logo present. The game is a training simulation, and
v7878.42011-09-09 at 13:46eyelessSEEK2 ~SADISTIC BABYLON~Reverted to revision v7878.2 CGs are not screenshots
v7878.32011-09-09 at 13:21anonymousSEEK2 ~SADISTIC BABYLON~Added screenshots
v7878.22011-09-08 at 22:04anonymousSEEK2 ~SADISTIC BABYLON~Added image.
v7878.12011-09-08 at 21:59anonymousSEEK2 ~SADISTIC BABYLON~Added the game.