Kyouhaku 2 ~Kizu ni Saku Hana Senketsu no Aka~

脅迫2 ~傷に咲く花 鮮血の紅~

TitleKyouhaku 2 ~Kizu ni Saku Hana Senketsu no Aka~
Original title脅迫2 ~傷に咲く花 鮮血の紅~
DeveloperAil [Team Riva]
PublishersAil & AiCherry
Kyouhaku 3 ~Haruka ni Hibiku Hikari t...
Related anime[DB-ANN] Shin Kyouhaku 2 The Animation: Kizu ni Saku Han... (OVA, 2006)


Saki Akehime is a beautiful girl who has an English mother. She has a secret. She is going out with her teacher, Akito Tsuge, and holding such an immoral secret makes her exited. However there is a figure looking at their acts. One day, Saki receives a phone. Although she is suspicious about the phone, she goes out with Akito not knowing there is a trap full of shame waiting for her...

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