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Full House Kiss


Full House Kiss
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperCAPCOM Co., Ltd. & Tenky
PublishersCAPCOM Co., Ltd.

Full House Kiss 2

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Suzuhara Mugi is a 15 year-old on a mission. She is determined to somehow get onto the campus of Shoukei Academy, a super, super elite high school.
The school is huge and private and has tight security.

Mugi is searching for her missing older sister, her only remaining family, and she has been led to believe that someone or something on the campus of that school will help her in her search. Unfortunately the strict school security is preventing her from getting onto the school grounds.

However, her luck changes when she literally runs into Midou Kazuya the son of an insanely rich mega-corporation president, and an elite person at the school. Midou is not impressed with Mugi’s sob story about needing to get into the school. He is a very smug and arrogant rich guy. But he can be reasonable, and he eventually strikes up a deal with Mugi, he will get her onto the school grounds in exchange for some labor on her part, she must come to his house and work as a maid! He lives with 3 other guys, known as the La Princes in the super elite school.

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Japanese (3)
2004-07-2212+Full House Kiss
2006-12-2112+Full House Kiss (CapKore)
2012-12-1712+Full House Kiss (Game Archives)


        Full character list

        Character summary

        Suzuhara MugiProtagonist
        Ichimiya SeiMain character
        Voiced by Naruse Makoto
        Midou KazuyaMain character
        Voiced by Ogihara Hideki
        Matsukawa IoriMain character
        Voiced by Sasaki Nozomu
        Hanekura AsakiMain character
        Hanabusa JirouMain character
        Voiced by Koyasu Takehito
        Okazaki NatsumiSide character
        Voiced by Asano Masumi
        Kujou RikuSide character
        Voiced by Ono Daisuke
        Houjou TakejiSide character
        Voiced by Ueda Youji
        Sendou AkiraSide character
        Voiced by Hamada Kenji
        Yoshida KazuhisaSide character
        Voiced by Kusumi Naomi
        Himegami SakurakoSide character
        Voiced by Tsubaki Risa
        Andou MasashiSide character
        Voiced by Kiuchi Hidenobu
        Yamamoto HarutaSide character
        Voiced by Kishio Daisuke
        Matsukawa KouSide character
        Voiced by Tsuboi Tomohiro
        Sakuragi KaokoSide character
        Voiced by Watanabe Misa
        Sakuragi EiseiSide character
        Voiced by Nakata Jouji
        Shirasaki KyoukaSide character
        Voiced by Kogure Ema
        Yuurakuin TowakoSide character
        Suzuhara NaeSide character
        Voiced by Masuda Yuki

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