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Original titleリザイン
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperSherbet Soft
PublishersSherbet Soft
LinksWikidata, VNStat


Once a heir of a rich and powerful family, Kaname was exiled from his family and home city by his grandfather. Deprived of his childhood friends and fiance, he was imprisoned in a private orphanage and forgotten by the world.

Twisted with the urge to take revenge on his own family and those who erased him, he was rescued from the living hell by a stranger, and given a special power called "Resign."

Now he steps into his home city to take revenge on those who forgot him. There, he encounters his cousin as the new heir...

Mini reviews

By bombermania on 2020-09-06r15983Vote: 9
<report>This VN is extremely well done for the price point (~3000 yen) if you want revenge eroge. MC has hypnotism power but the VN also introduces several limitations on it so the power never feels like an outright 'cheat' power, and MC has to blackmail or do other stuff to circumvent the limitation on his hypnotism power. The character's motives are understandable, and you can choose to go full on revenge on the MC's childhood friends (I like one particular scene where the childhood friends feels really guilty when they realize that they indirectly contributed to MC's downfall to villainy and asking him for forgiveness), or drop the revenge plan and pursue the true villain for the good endings.