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v8017.92016-09-29 at 09:49wakaranaiDaydream Believerrelation
v8017.82016-09-29 at 09:48wakaranaiDaydream Believerimg, cast
v8017.72016-03-06 at 23:44altoDaydream BelieverAdd staff
v8017.62015-02-14 at 18:44[deleted]Daydream Believerstaff
v8017.52013-11-25 at 21:32abyssalerosDaydream Believer妄想具現化AVG seems not to be part of the actual title
v8017.42012-08-08 at 05:24lonelyfatalityMousou Gugenka AVG Daydream BelieverAdded length.
v8017.32012-07-21 at 02:11eyelessMousou Gugenka AVG Daydream Believertoo many cgs, please uploda more screenshots with character sprites
v8017.22012-07-21 at 00:40santerMousou Gugenka AVG Daydream Believerscreenshots
v8017.12011-09-27 at 15:36eyelessMousou Gugenka AVG Daydream BelieverAdded vn.