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Itazura BBQ ~Mukitate Lacrossekko Kuihoudai~

いたずらBBQ ~剥きたてラクロスっ娘喰い放題〜

TitleItazura BBQ ~Mukitate Lacrossekko Kuihoudai~
Original titleいたずらBBQ ~剥きたてラクロスっ娘喰い放題〜
PublishersRaptor & Amber
Shops» JP¥ 3080 @ DLsite


Main character is a salary man who originally works at a technology company and chases after the same girl. But after an incident he loses his job and social status. He is picked up by the owner of a pension house, but has to help about the house in return. This summer Lacrosse club gets boarded in the pension. He recognizes the girl who made him lose his job and the girl he chased after among its members. The sweet feeling of revenge starts to fill him.

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2003-02-0718+Itazura BBQ ~Mukitate Lacrossekko Kuihoudai~ Package Edition
2005-10-2418+Itazura BBQ ~Mukitate Lacrossekko Kuihoudai~ Download Edition
2006-02-2318+Lacross-bu Choukyou Gasshuku ~Ryoujoku-bu Katsudou~ DVDPG
2009-09-1018+Amber Revival 1980 Series - Lacross-bu Gasshuku no Wana - DVDPG


Full character list

Character summary

Kawahara IzumiMain character
Voiced by Fukai Haruka
Ninagawa MarimoMain character
Voiced by Miru
Ooshima YumikoMain character
Voiced by Saki Yutaka
Sakai MiwaMain character
Voiced by Chu☆
GodouSide character
Voiced by Umanami Kouta
Hikawa KyoukoSide character
Voiced by Ruru

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