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Sweet Hearts

TitleSweet Hearts
DeveloperSweet Hearts
PublishersCD Bros. & D.O.
Shares characters
Sweet Hearts ~Sannin Ecchi~
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Main character is a second grader who leads a decent school life with his three female friends and one male friend. He starts dating Haruka, but relations develop slowly. One day the whole company decides to go on a hot spring trip. However, only Haruka comes to the meeting place. Overcome with shyness the two people start their romantic vacations.

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Japanese (4)
2004-01-2318+Sweet Hearts
2004-09-1718+Sweet Hearts - DVD Net Connection Edition
2006-03-3118+Sweet Hearts - Download Edition
2014-12-1918+Premium Archives Kitagawa Samui


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    Character summary

    Ibuki ShirouProtagonist
    Ichinomiya AyamoMain character
    Voiced by Oohana Don
    Kinoshita MisonoMain character
    Voiced by Oohashi Sayoko
    Kokufu BotanMain character
    Voiced by Shinomiya Kaoru
    Kosaka SuzukaMain character
    Takayama HarukaMain character
    Voiced by Niide Chiaki
    Tsugaru MasatoshiSide character

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