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v8074.132019-06-05 at 21:17maggierobotShingakkou The Giftcast
v8074.122018-07-10 at 11:01nekonekogirlShingakkou The Giftstaff
v8074.112016-05-29 at 21:30varioShingakkou The Gift+1
v8074.102016-01-02 at 14:09varioShingakkou The Giftnote
v8074.92015-08-16 at 02:23goldensneerShingakkou The GiftMisc. info.
v8074.82015-01-30 at 19:26[deleted]Shingakkou The Giftcast
v8074.72015-01-30 at 15:16goldensneerShingakkou The GiftAdded staff (with the exception of a sub-writer, who hasn't been added to the DB yet).
v8074.62015-01-30 at 06:02[deleted]Shingakkou The Giftcast
v8074.52015-01-30 at 04:49savagetigerShingakkou The Giftcast
v8074.42012-06-02 at 03:37multiShingakkou The GiftReverse relation update caused by revision v10537.1
v8074.32011-10-09 at 02:30goldensneerShingakkou The GiftWhoops, messed up.
v8074.22011-10-09 at 02:29goldensneerShingakkou The Gift...
v8074.12011-10-09 at 02:24goldensneerShingakkou The Giftlink