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v810.252019-08-01 at 03:57xuanfengsaoyeKara no ShoujoReiji's actor has been announced link
v810.242018-10-13 at 14:05gregoryKara no ShoujoDescription
v810.232017-03-25 at 01:29multiKara no ShoujoReverse relation update caused by revision v21002.6
v810.222017-02-09 at 00:36iwasawaKara no Shoujo1 MB of text indicates around 15 hours of reading under normal circumstances. While there's a few reasons it's going to take more than its script
v810.212017-01-08 at 15:16varioKara no Shoujo+2
v810.202017-01-08 at 14:28varioKara no Shoujo+1
v810.192016-10-06 at 15:12skie1134Kara no ShoujoEdited length to be more accurate
v810.182015-09-15 at 12:41weilaiKara no Shoujo.
v810.172015-07-20 at 22:34rnduserKara no ShoujoAdded Sugina Miki as artist.
v810.162015-02-14 at 04:17nutellafanKara no ShoujoEdited VA.
v810.152015-02-06 at 15:09wakaranaiKara no Shoujomissing cast
v810.142015-01-28 at 22:59allenKara no ShoujoAdded song name
v810.132015-01-28 at 15:06wakaranaiKara no Shoujostaff&cast.
v810.122014-05-15 at 03:15iwasawaKara no ShoujoGore is a must, but there were too many textless images. Also, they were labeled under the english release despite being from the japanese one.
v810.112014-05-14 at 16:18yirbaKara no ShoujoReplace some CGs with actual screenshots as per d2#6.
v810.102014-05-14 at 15:43koushuntakamiKara no Shoujoadded photos
v810.92014-01-11 at 07:49yirbaKara no ShoujoEncubed tag
v810.82011-06-17 at 17:28vdzKara no ShoujoEnglish screenshots
v810.72010-12-29 at 21:46multiKara no ShoujoReverse relation update caused by revision v5922.1
v810.62010-04-24 at 19:41izmosmolnarKara no Shoujovarious
v810.52010-02-03 at 01:30acucar11Kara no ShoujoScreenshots
v810.42009-11-30 at 14:16multiKara no ShoujoReverse relation update caused by revision v515.16
v810.32009-11-21 at 06:54eyelessKara no Shoujowiki & anidb link
v810.22009-11-21 at 06:20izmosmolnarKara no Shoujomissing orig title
v810.12008-06-02 at 11:06echomateriaKara no Shoujo