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Kara no Shoujo - Trial Edition  Freeware, commercial 800x600Fully voiced2008-05-0418+This trial is about events happening a few months before the main game starts, and apart of the very last scene shares no content with the main game.
Kara no Shoujo - First Press Edition  Non-free, commercial 800x600Fully voiced2008-07-0418+First Press Edition includes Original Special Package and Illustration Booklet.
Kara no Shoujo - Regular Edition  Non-free, commercial 800x600Fully voiced2008-07-2518+
Kara no Shoujo - Download Edition  Non-free, commercial 800x600Fully voiced2008-12-0618+
Kara no Shoujo - DVDPG First Press Limited Edition  Non-free, commercial UnknownFully voiced2009-07-2418+It comes with a specially made box, which intends to store the DVDPG versions for Cartagra and Pianissimo as its tokuten bonus.
Kara no Shoujo - DVDPG Regular Edition  Non-free, commercial UnknownFully voiced2009-07-2418+
Innocent Grey Mystery Collection ~Kara no Shoujo & Pianis...  Non-free, commercial UnknownFully voiced2009-07-2418+
Innocent Grey Premium Box "Paranoia"  Non-free, commercial 800x600Fully voiced2010-12-0318+
Ke zhi Shaonv (patch) Freeware NA for patches2011-01-1818+Simplified Chinese translation by Virgin in Shell and 妹乃萌 translation groups.
Kara no Shojo - Trial Edition  Freeware, commercial 800x600Fully voiced2011-06-1718+It's not an equivalent of the Japanese Trial Edition, as, unlike the Japanese version showing events few months before the "real" game normally begins and featuring few characters you normally would never meet there, this trial is cut out from the main game directly.
Kara no Shojo - Download Edition  Non-free, commercial 800x600Not voiced2011-06-2918+A combined effort of Mangagamer, Innocent Grey, and the fantranslators who worked on it before. Due to issues with the seiyuu company owning the rights to the voices and their demands, this release had to be voiceless.

As of 2013-10-04 an official voice patch has been released by MangaGamer.

This release is no longer available.
Innocent Grey Premium Box "Paranoia" - Regular Edition  Non-free, commercial 800x600Fully voiced2013-06-1418+
Kara no Shojo - Voiced Edition  Non-free, commercial 800x600Fully voiced2013-10-0418+Also available on Steam.
Kara no Shoujo Trial  Freeware, commercial UnknownUnknown2013-11-0918+Trial version russian translate
Kara no Shojo - Limited Package Edition  Non-free, commercial 800x600Fully voiced2013-12-0918+Comes in a Limited Edition Slip case with a game disc and a special abridged 11 track BGM collection.

Includes voices that were previously excluded from a download edition.
Kara no Shoujo  Freeware, doujin 
Kara no Shoujo  Freeware, doujin UnknownUnknown2014-11-0418+
Devushka v skorlupe  Freeware, doujin UnknownUnknown2014-11-2318+
Kara no Shojo - Regular Edition  Non-free, commercial 800x600Fully voiced2015-03-1618+Includes voices that were previously excluded from a download edition.
Kara no Shoujo (patch) Freeware NA for patches2015-06-0218+
Kara no Shoujo - Thiếu nữ trong vỏ trứng (patch) Freeware NA for patches2015-08-1518+Fully-translated Vietnamese patch.
Kara no Shoujo (patch) Freeware NA for patches2016-12-0118+
Devushka v skorlupe  Freeware, doujin UnknownUnknown2017-04-1218+
Kara no Shojo  Non-free, commercial UnknownUnknown2018-10-22Unknownsteam release by MangaGamer
Ke zhi Shaonv English Version Chinese patch (patch) Freeware NA for patches2018-10-2418+This Chinese translation is based on the official English version of Kara no Shoujo on Steam. This R18 uncensored patch can only be used if a Steam English version has been installed. Translation made by 铃兰.
Kara no Shoujo - FULL VOICE HD SIZE EDITION  Non-free, commercial 1280x720Fully voiced201918+