Now on sale! ~Kanbai Orei! Depart Hen~

NOW ON SALE! 〜感売御礼! デパート編〜

TitleNow on sale! ~Kanbai Orei! Depart Hen~
Original titleNOW ON SALE! 〜感売御礼! デパート編〜
Publishers Girl's Software


Main character is being persistently recommended to buy goods by a cute department store selling girl. The reason is harsh selling norms demanded from workers. Hero does not have money, but agrees to use credit card to help the girl. She is so grateful that spends evening with him. Investigation of these strange norms brings hero to the truth that girls are being insulted there every night.

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2001-05-1118+  Now on sale! ~Kanbai Orei! Depart Hen~Non-freeCommercial640x4801 CD  


Character summary

Main character Aizawa Jun
Main character Ida Shouko
Main character Kanno Miki
Main character Miura Ryouko
Main character Shinohara Mutsumi

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