Touch Shiyo! ~Love Application~

たっち、しよっ! ~Love Application~

Touch Shiyo! ~Love Application~
TitleTouch Shiyo! ~Love Application~
Original titleたっち、しよっ! ~Love Application~
DeveloperCompile Heart & Tamsoft Corporation
Publishers Compile Heart
 Cyberfront Korea


You have been selected to test the amazing yPhone, a magical device that not only finds your perfect romantic matches for you, it also reads their minds and can even make your darkest fantasies come true! With the power of the yPhone at your fingertips, you will work to win the hearts of four cute girls, each with her own unique quirks and vulnerabilities. Who will be your first conquest? Enjoy fun events like beach dates where you get to rub suntan lotion on your girlfriend's back. Touch is an important part of communication, so try not to click on any... naughty areas. Unless you want to!

[from JBOX]

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