Candy Stripe ~Minarai Tenshi~

Candy Stripe ~みならい 天使~

Candy Stripe  ~Minarai Tenshi~
TitleCandy Stripe ~Minarai Tenshi~
Original titleCandy Stripe ~みならい 天使~
Aliasesキャンディーストライプ, Candy Stripe ~Apprentice Angel~
Publishers Sega
Alternative version
Sweet ~Hanjuku na Tenshi-tachi~


Set on a hospital, where the protagonist is a doctor and interacts with the nurses there.


2001-10-25  Candy Stripe ~Minarai Tenshi~Non-freeCommercial
2001-10-25  Candy Stripe ~Minarai Tenshi~ Limited EditionNon-freeCommercialContains a medicine cabinet with illustrations of the heroines.


Character summary

Main character Morisaki Ayano
Voiced by Nagasaki Minami
Main character Orishita Ikumi
Main character Sonoda Emiko
Voiced by Wada Kayo
Main character Ukai Nozomi
Voiced by Nagami Haruka
Main character Wasada Hiroko
Voiced by Kawashima Rino

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