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Shine ~Kotoba o Tsumuide~


TitleShine ~Kotoba o Tsumuide~
Original titleSHINE~言葉を紡いで~
DeveloperVridge Inc.


One day, the protagonist decided to chase after the dream of becoming a cameraman. To become the student of his famous upperclassman cameraman in his university, he headed towards an island in Okinawa area where his upperclassman cameraman lived. On the way to the island, the protagonist met his senpai luckily and was given a very hard assignment to complete. If he complete the assignment, then he could become his senpai's student.

That assignment is taking a picture of all SIX girls who he met on the ship by chance. And for some reasons, all SIX girls hate camera. But, there is nothing he can do about it because if he doesn't take their photos, his road to become a cameraman is closed.

With that, the protagonist met and parted with those girls repeatedly at the island. And with each of them, conversations are being spinned into stories.

[taken from Hooi's walkthrough]


2002-04-25Shine ~Kotoba o Tsumuide~ First Press Limited Edition
2002-04-25Shine ~Kotoba o Tsumuide~ Regular Edition


Full character list

Character summary

Voiced by Aoki Makoto
Akizuki MaiMain character
Voiced by Nagasako Mai
Ichikawa MioMain character
Voiced by Tanaka Rie
Iede RumiMain character
Voiced by Kogure Ema
Maeda HinaMain character
Voiced by Masuda Yuki
Misato AtlanMain character
Voiced by Okushima Kazumi
Taira KairiMain character
Voiced by Kakazu Yumi
Ooshiro TaikiSide character

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Shine ~Kotoba o Tsumuide~ Regular Edition

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