Cosplay Tantei Nama Kigae♪


Cosplay Tantei Nama Kigae♪
TitleCosplay Tantei Nama Kigae♪
Original titleこすぷれ探偵ナマ着替え♪
Publishers Chiffon


Main character is an ordinary college student. One day he is taken to a cabaret by his sempai and falls in love with hostess Sakura at first sight. However, in reality she is a woman detective who loves cosplay. Protagonist decides to work as her assistant, and he has to squeeze into nurses, maids, shrine maidens etc costumes while she wears female police officer uniform. Depending on the content of requests, sex techniques need to be applied to successfully fulfill the cases.

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2003-03-1418+   Cosplay Tantei Nama Kigae♪Fully voicedStory: No animationsEro: No animationsNon-freeCommercial800x6001 CD 2 


Character summary

Main character Goshirakawa Shizuno
Main character Goshirakawa Sorane
Main character Hayashi Chieri
Main character Sakura
Side character Himuro Meika
Side character Katsuragi Mariko
Side character Kayou Nadeshiko
Side character Minamoto Sayaka
Side character Watase Hazuki

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