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Web no Naka no Tenshi-tachi


Web no Naka no Tenshi-tachi
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperChiffon & Serene
PublishersChiffon & Fukurou
Same series

Web no Naka no Kanojo ~Password ni Himerareta Nazo~


Is this a nightmare or what? Just an hour ago, Kyosuke Takei's girlfriend up and dumped him! He feels so hopeless and depressed, but he soon finds access to a new dating service website. To his surprise, he finds all different types of girls, from housewives to students. This is paradise; they all listen to him and help mend is wounded heart.

Our hero really gets into talking with these girls, and he becomes addicted to the website. However, simply talking through the Internet doesn't satisfy him anymore. "I want to see the girls!! Yes, I will!! I have to!!" And so, our hero sets out to meet up with the girls. Will he be successful in meeting them? Come find out!

[From Gamelex]

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