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v8191.42018-04-30 at 10:39asgezarKuro Niji Short Storycast
v8191.32011-10-25 at 10:09enzeroxKuro Niji Short StoryReverted to revision v8191.1 (黒虹ショートストーリー is the name of the VN, I have it installed)
v8191.22011-10-25 at 08:50abyssalerosBlackrainbow Fandisc KuronijibonVN title changed as 黒虹ショートストーリー seems to be the description of the fan disc on Black Rainbow page and Getchu and not a title of anything. (revert if
v8191.12011-10-24 at 06:07enzeroxKuro Niji Short Storyadded vn