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Bunny Black 2

TitleBunny Black 2
Aliasesバニーブラック 2
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Hanimiao Hanhuazu
Bunny Black
Bunny Black 3


The adventurer Dachs had been bestowed great magical power and eternal life by the maou, and in return he serves as her underling. However, he was dragged into a revolt by the maou’s army and ended up becoming the new maou. He made the previous maou his wife and brought peace to the labyrinth known as the ‘maou’s forest’… but it was soon shattered by some unknown troops who quickly took over half of the forest. After he found out through captured warriors that they were under the command of a group of three women from the heavens, he gathers his troops to launch a counterattack at the angels’ base.

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

Heroine with Wings 3.0 Protagonist with Sexual Experience 3.0 Voice Replay 3.0 Dungeon Crawling Game 3.0 Polygamy 3.0 Unavoidable Harem EndingS 3.0 Protagonist in RelationshipS 2.9 Male Protagonist 2.9 Group Sex of One Male and Several FemalesS 2.9 Angels 2.9 Linear PlotS 2.9 Harem EndingS 2.9 ADV 2.9 Leader Protagonist 2.9 Magic/ESP Combat 2.9 Maou ProtagonistS 2.9 Fighting Protagonist 2.9 Rapist Protagonist 2.9 Magic 2.8 High Amounts of RapeS 2.8 Capturable CharactersS 2.8 Protagonist with ChildrenS 2.8 Protagonist with Partial Voice ActingS 2.8 Doggy StyleS 2.8 Monster Support Character 2.8 Location Display 2.8 Game Over 2.8 Sword Wielding Protagonist 2.8 Demons 2.8 High Sexual ContentS 2.8 Comedy RapeS 2.8 Map Movement 2.7 RPG 2.7 Demon Heroine 2.7 Angel Heroine 2.7 Fantasy 2.7 Early Sexual Content 2.7 WarS 2.7 Unlockable Side StoriesS 2.7 Missionary PositionS 2.7 DeflorationS 2.6 Married HeroineS 2.6 Past Setting in a Fictional World 2.5 Dark Skinned Heroine 2.5 Unavoidable Heroine Rape by ProtagonistS 2.5 Playtime Counter 2.5 Perverted Protagonist 2.5 Sword Wielding Heroine 2.5 Normal Scene RecollectionS 2.5 Protagonist with a Face 2.4 CowgirlS 2.4 BondageS 2.4 Protagonist with a Sprite 2.4 Unavoidable RapeS 2.2 Sitting SexS 2.2 Comedy 2.2 Half-demon Heroine 2.2 New Game PlusS 2.1 Protagonist's Wife as a Heroine 2.0 Impregnation 2.0 Sexual FantasizingS 2.0 Fathercon HeroineS 1.7 Mind ControlS 1.6 BetrayalS 1.5 Anal PenetrationS 1.3 Protagonist's Blood-related Daughter as a Heroine 1.3 BlowjobS 1.2 BoobjobS 1.0 Loli ProtagonistS 0.9

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Main characters

HairLong, Red, Sidehair, Twin Tails, Wavy
EyesGreen, Slit Pupils
BodyPale, Pointed Ears, Slim, Teen
ClothesCollar, Decorative Belt, Detached Sleeves, Dress, Fishnet Clothing, Fishnet Stockings, Garter Belt Stockings, Hair Tie, Headband
RoleAngel, Singer
Voiced bySerizono Miya

Side characters

HairGreen, Long
BodyDark, Slim
ClothesBracelet, Pendant Necklace
Engages inFighting
HairRed, Waist Length+
ClothesBelt, Eyepatch
Engages inFighting
HairOrange, Waist Length+, Wavy
BodyPale, Slim, Small Breast Sizes, Teen
HairAnkle Length, Red, Twin Tails
BodyHalo, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesBracelet, Dress, Ribbon Hair Tie
Engages inHenshin

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