Eikoku Tantei Mysteria


Eikoku Tantei Mysteria
TitleEikoku Tantei Mysteria
Original title英国探偵ミステリア
AliasesEnglish Detective Mysteria
LengthLong (30 - 50 hours)
DeveloperKarin Entertainment
PublishersKarin Entertainment & Marvelous Interactive & XSEED Games
XSEED Games & Limited Run Games
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It's the end of the 19th century in England...
Illuminating the nighttime streets of London covered in thick fog are gas lamps and the moonlight from between clouds.

Ladies and gentleman, be careful on the streets at night.
Things like scoundrels and mysteries hiding in the streets might be aiming at you.

Cases too large for the highly prided English police force Scotland Yard are overflowing the streets.
If you happen to get caught up in an incident...please prepare yourself to accompany it.

A great detective with skillful intellect.

A bold and fearless phantom thief.

Now then, if Big Ben's ringing echoes across the streets of London, the curtain will open on love and adventure!

Hero Based on a Fictional Person 3.0 19th Century 3.0 Protagonist with a Face 3.0 Western-style Mansion 3.0 Secret SocietyS 3.0 Orphan Protagonist 3.0 Timed Choices 3.0 Detective Work 3.0 Protagonist with Voice Acting 3.0 Past British Isles 3.0 Unlockable Epilogue 3.0 Major AntagonistS 3.0 Discrimination 3.0 Otome Game 3.0 Metropolitan Area 3.0 Private Detective Hero 3.0 Sherlock Holmes 2.7 Voice Replay 2.5 Pretending HeroS 2.5 Read Text Marking 2.5 Secret IdentityS 2.3 Episodic Story 2.3 Assassin HeroS 2.0 Villainous Hero 2.0 Literary Adaptation 2.0 Jump to Next Choice 2.0 Descriptions of Violence 2.0 Drug UseS 2.0 Nameable Protagonist 2.0 No Sexual Content 2.0 ConfinementS 2.0 Unlockable Routes 2.0 Butler Support Character 2.0 Childhood PromiseS 2.0 Student Protagonist 2.0 Loli Protagonist 2.0 Flashback 2.0 Side Images 2.0 Master and ServantS 2.0 Bad Endings with Story 2.0 Transfer Student Hero 2.0 Childhood Friend HeroS 2.0 Hero with a Sword 2.0 Slums 2.0 ShipS 2.0 Hero with Glasses 2.0 Noble Protagonist 2.0 Flirtatious Hero 2.0 Correct Choice Indicator 2.0 Achievements 2.0 Park 2.0 Voiced Thoughts 2.0 Ojousama Protagonist 2.0 Inter-class Romance 2.0 CultS 2.0 Apartment Building 2.0 Organised CorruptionS 2.0 In-Game Tutorial 2.0 Voice Saving 2.0 Completion Status Indicator 2.0 French Hero 2.0 Save Memo Function 2.0 Phantom Thieves 2.0 Falsely AccusedS 2.0 Male Friend 2.0 Jump to Prior Choices 2.0 Female Protagonist 2.0 BetrayalS 2.0 Relationship Chart 2.0 Orphan HeroS 2.0 Kidnapping 2.0 Foreigner Hero 2.0 Ending List 2.0 Albino Hero 2.0 Thief Hero 2.0 Poor Hero 2.0 Half-orphan HeroS 2.0 Protagonist's Employee as HeroS 2.0 Class President Hero 2.0 Female Friend 2.0 Protagonist with a Sprite 2.0 Friendship Ending 2.0 Rival Hero 2.0 Genius Hero 2.0 Long Common Route 1.8 Murder Mystery 1.7 Other Perspectives 1.5 Countryside 1.0 Musician Hero 1.0 Attempted Rape 1.0 Meiji EraS 1.0 Varying Ending Songs 1.0 Fake Options 1.0 Based on Actual Events 1.0 Alternate Starting Point 1.0 Leader Protagonist 1.0 Ponytail Hero 1.0 Normal Scene Recollection 1.0 Private Detective Protagonist 1.0 Police 1.0 Library 1.0 Gauge Display 1.0 Bloody Scenes 1.0 Narrating Others' Thoughts 0.7

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Emily Whiteleyエミリー・ホワイトリー
MeasurementsHeight: 155cm
HairBlond, Blunt Bangs, Waist Length+, Wavy
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesBall Gown, Boots, Cuffs, Decorative Belt, Evening Gloves, Lolita, Lolita Hairband, Mini Hat, Pendant Necklace, Puffy Sleeves, Ribbon Tie, Ring, School Uniform
PersonalityAbsentminded, Altruistic, Cheerful, Clumsy, Curious, Energetic, Friendly, Kind, Optimist, Sleepyhead, Stubborn, Sweets Lover, Watashi
RoleBritish, Classmate, Detective, Famous, Head of Household, Master, Nameable, Noble, Ojousama, Orphan, Student
Engages inCooking, Investigation, Moving, Reading
Subject ofConfinement, Fainting, Flirting, Survival, Teasing
Voiced byAkesaka Satomi (Original PSP game)
Ooshita Natsumi (The Crown PSV remake)


Hobbies: Listening to music
Adores: Custard tarts

A young heiress who has been raised by her dearest butler since she was a small girl. Upon her debut into high society, she receives a letter of recommendation from the Queen of England to a famed school for detectives. Her moments of brilliance are paired with a rare depth of sincerity, and she uses both in her new life at Harrington Academy, working at a relentless pace towards the truth behind her mother and father's peculiar deaths.

[From XSEED Games]

Main characters

Akechi Ken'ichirou明智 健一郎A
MeasurementsHeight: 172cm
Birthday15 January
HairGrey, Short, Sidehair
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesBlazer, Brooch, Coat Cape, Cravat, Epaulette, Glasses, School Uniform, Trousers
ItemsKatana, Notebook
PersonalityAltruistic, Ambitious, Boku, Disciplinarian, Eccentric, Honorable, Perfectionist, Proactive, Smart, Stubborn, Workaholic
RoleBased on a Fictional Character, Classmate, Class President, Detective, Foreign Exchange Student, Honor Student, Japanese (Expatriate)
Engages inDuel, Fighting, Investigation, Moving
Subject ofDiscrimination
Voiced byMiura Hiroaki


Hobbies: Calligraphy
Adores: Sushi and Matcha Tea

An exchange student and a brilliant detective in his own right, even if he has yet to reach the same heights as Holmes Jr. Though he is strict towards others, he is no-less strict towards himself, immediately taking up the position of class representative to further his studies whilst keeping a watchful eye over his schoolmates' behaviour.

To strive for betterment in both body and mind is the ultimate goal for him; yet he has still lived a sheltered life, having had no significant experience with women, and as such is oftentimes at a loss when interacting with them.

[From XSEED Games]

Herlock Holmesエルロック・ホームズAB
AliasesHolmes Jr., ホームズJr
MeasurementsHeight: 174cm
Birthday25 January
HairBlack, Short, Spiky Bangs, V Bangs
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesCravat, Dress Shoes, Fur Coat, School Uniform, Trousers
PersonalityArrogant, Blunt, Boku, Genius, Pragmatic, Sharp-tongued, Workaholic
RoleBritish, Classmate, Detective, Honor Student, Roommate, Son, Teammate, Violinist
Engages inInvestigation, Unarmed Fighting
Subject ofDiscrimination
Voiced bySuzuki Chihiro


Talents: Boxing
Adores: Tea (Prince of Wales)

The son of London's most legendary detective. He takes after his father in many ways—his superior intellect being one, and his stubbornness being another. Herlock's proclivity for getting in the last word and mockery of others can grate on those around him, and though he is quite clever, he himself is unaware of the extent of his behaviour.

As he is a man of logic and reason, he disapproves of Lady Whiteley's more intuition-based approach, and he has no issue voicing as much.

[From XSEED Games]

Jack Millersジャック・ミラーズAB
AliasesJack the Ripper, Kirisaki Jack, 切り裂き ジャック
MeasurementsHeight: 181cm
Birthday24 October
HairBlue, Grey, Shoulder-length, Spiky Bangs, V Bangs
EyesRed, Sanpaku Eyes, Shadowed
BodyAlbino, Tall, Teen, Underweight
ClothesBelt, Bow Tie, School Uniform, Shirt, Tailcoat, Top Hat, Trousers, Vest
ItemsFist Claws
PersonalityAntisocial, Distrustful, Grumbler, Loner, Observant, Ore, Sleepyhead, Smart, Streetwise, Taciturn
RoleAntagonist, Based on a Real Person, British, Classmate, Infamous, Poor, Secret Identity, Serial Killer, Student, Villain
Engages inAttempted Homicide, Fighting, Murder
Subject ofDiscrimination, Wounding
Voiced byFujiwara Yuuki (Original PSP game)
Nakazawa Masatomo (The Crown PSV remake)


Hobbies: Hunting
Adores: Blackberry Fool

A man of two sides like Lupin Jr., and yet not a man of two faces, for he remains withdrawn no matter the situation. His mannerisms and background as an East Ender have created a natural barrier with his schoolmates, who all perceive him as different—unfortunate, as there could be those nearby who would sooner think him misunderstood.

Or it could be he isn't misunderstood at all; though his identity remains unknown, he is none other than the Ripper who terrorises London's streets. What brings him to commit these atrocities? Curiosity may grant answers, but it may also lead to Lady Whiteley's downfall.

[From XSEED Games]

Jean Lupinジャン・ルパンAB
AliasesLupin Jr., ルパンJr., John Lupine, ジョン・ルーピン
MeasurementsHeight: 174cm
Birthday8 June
HairBlond, Parted to Side, Shaggy, Short, Sidehair, Spiky
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Teen
ClothesCoat, Glasses, Gloves, Hip Scarf, Knee-high Boots, School Uniform, Shirt, Trousers, Vest
ItemsFlower / Plant, Playing Cards
PersonalityBoku, Brave, Charismatic, Clumsy, Competitive, Docile, Flamboyant, Mischievous, Possessive, Pretending, Rebellious, Romantic, Sly
RoleAntihero, Based on a Fictional Character, Classmate, French, Infamous, Rival, Secret Identity, Son, Student, Thief
Engages inBetrayal, Chess, Disguise, Duel, Fighting, Flirting, Infiltration, Planning, Theft
Voiced byMatsukaze Masaya


Hobbies: Chess
Adores: Flapjacks

By day he's a meek, dangerously clumsy student by the name John Lupine, but by night, he assumes his true identity: Jean Lupin, Gentleman Thief. He revels in stealing countless treasures and has done well to live up to the master that his father is and more. Though pretentious once the sun goes down and the mask comes off, he does seem to be a man of good character at heart.

He also enjoys toying with Lady Whiteley as much as he enjoys thievery, and she has yet to decide if the pretty words he spouts upon their meetings ring false or true.

[From XSEED Games]

Kobayashi Seiji小林 誠司A
MeasurementsHeight: 162cm
Birthday12 December
HairBrown, Short, Spiky
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesAnkle Boots, Flat Cap, Fur Coat, Necktie, School Uniform, Shorts, Utility Belt, Vest
ItemsFanny Pack
PersonalityCheerful, Childishly Violent, Emotional, Energetic, Friendly, Honest, Honorable, Kind, Ore, Short-tempered, Sweets Lover, Whimsical
RoleBased on a Fictional Character, Classmate, Foreign Exchange Student, Inventor, Japanese (Expatriate)
Engages inFighting, Investigation, Moving, Teasing
Subject ofDiscrimination
Voiced byToyonaga Toshiyuki (Original PSP game)
Yamaya Yoshitaka (The Crown PSV remake)


Hobbies: Reading (Detective Fiction)
Adores: Monaka

A government-sponsored exchange student and assistant to Akechi. Kobayashi's a doer before he is a thinker, though this does not mean he is lacking academically. He is fascinated by the endless wonders of London, studying its technology and culture with a hungry energy. Thankfully, his friendly nature allows him to adapt well to any situation this new world presents him.

As his name implies, he is connected to a certain well-known boy detective.

[From XSEED Games]

Sara Marpleセーラ・マープルA
MeasurementsHeight: 162cm
Birthday11 November
HairPink, Twin Tails, Waist Length+
ClothesHair Ribbon
PersonalityAirhead, Blunt, Refined, Sweets Lover
RoleBased on a Fictional Character, British, Detective, Granddaughter, Student
Voiced byHonda Mariko (Original PSP game)
Yoshioka Maya (The Crown PSV remake)


Hobbies: Making clothes
Adores: Maids of Honour

A fellow schoolmate who attends Harrington Academy with Lady Whiteley. Marple carries an air of dollish refinement upon first sight—and upon second, an air of someone completely unaware of how odd she is to the people around her. She is blunt with grace, helpful as she is critical, and worldly in intelligence yet constantly off in her own world. There is no questioning her passion for tea and snacks, however. To her, nothing ever good comes from being hungry, and a fellow appreciator of a fine lunch is a friend for life.

She adores her grandmother, a well-known detective in her own right, and often speaks of their life together in the countryside.

[From XSEED Games]

William H. Watsonウィリアム・H・ワトソンO
AliasesWatson Jr., ワトソンJr
MeasurementsHeight: 178cm
Birthday10 July
HairBrown, Ponytail, Spiky Bangs, Waist Length+
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Teen
ClothesBand-aid, Cravat, Fedora, Hair Tie, School Uniform, Shirt, Suspenders, Trousers, Vest
PersonalityHotblooded, Kind, Ore
RoleBad Student, British, Classmate, Detective, Pianist, Roommate, Son, Teammate
Engages inInvestigation, Teasing, Unarmed Fighting
Subject ofTeasing
Voiced byKimura Ryouhei (Original PSP game)
Shirai Yuusuke (The Crown PSV remake)


Hobbies: Horseback-riding
Adores: Welsh rarebit

The son of Doctor John Watson. Watson is a man of action, often jumping headfirst into a situation no matter the danger. This would normally be a cause for concern, but his reputable physical strength helps to counterbalance any difficulties that might come his way. He's also quite experienced in playing the sweetener to Holmes's bitterness, and because they have a nigh-unbreakable bond of trust, that's just fine by him.

He takes a liking to the heroine from the day they first meet, and he's always more than happy to help her.

[From XSEED Games]

Side characters

Abigail Hudsonアビゲイル・ハドソンB
MeasurementsHeight: 142cm
Birthday28 February
HairBlue, Short, Shoulder-length
RoleBased on a Fictional Character, British, Landlord
Engages inCleaning, Cooking
Voiced byTerasaki Yuka


Hobbies: Cleaning
Adores: Eton Mes

The official loud-and-proud landlady of a series of flats along Baker Street, including Holmes Jr. and Watson Jr.’s shared flat. Her unusually young age in conjunction with her role may leave some sceptical, but their worries would be short-lived after meeting her; she takes all her duties seriously, happily cleaning, cooking meals, and handling the accounts for her tenants daily. She also treats them like family—particularly the boy detectives, to whom she feels an almost motherly affection towards.

She admires those in the investigative field so much that she volunteers to become Lady Whiteley’s assistant, boasting her capabilities from the rooftops to ensure she is the one and only candidate for the position.

[From XSEED Games]

Arsene Lupinアルセーヌ・ルパンB
AliasesArsène Lupin, Papa Lupin, ルパン 父
MeasurementsHeight: 180cm
Birthday1 April
HairGoatee, Grey, Shaggy, Short
BodyAdult, Mole, Tall
ClothesBelt, Coat, Cravat, Knee-high Boots, Monocle, Trousers, Vest
PersonalityCheerful, Womanizer
RoleBased on a Fictional Character, Father, French, Infamous, Thief
Engages inDisguise
Voiced byIwasaki Masami


The era's greatest phantom thief.
Age unknown.
Hobby: Flirting
Favorite Food: Fish & Chips

Edward Moriartyエドワルド・モリアーティAB
Aliasesモリアーティ Jr, Moriarty Jr.
MeasurementsHeight: 168cm
HairEye Covering, Shoulder-length, White
BodyPale, Young-adult
ClothesTop Hat
PersonalitySweets Lover
RoleBased on a Fictional Character, British
Voiced byOno Yuuki


The Napoleon of the criminal world, he's the son of the famed professor Moriarty. Although he puts an innocent and moody façade, he's actually a very cunning person.

He travels back and forth from London to Paris. Loves sweet things.

[From Official site]

Mycroft A. Holmesマイクロフト・A ・ホームズAB
AliasesマイクロフトJr, Mycroft Jr
MeasurementsHeight: 189cm
HairBlack, Short, Slicked Back
BodyMole, Tall, Young-adult
RoleBased on a Fictional Character, British, Senpai, Student Council President
Releases> Side character - r42720:Eikoku Tantei Mysteria The Crown - Regular Edition
Voiced byOkitsu Kazuyuki


Son of Mycroft Holmes. An upperclassman to Emily and her classmates in the academy and the student council's president. Despite having a great mind and fame of being a gentleman, he comes across as quite rude and seems to stare at the world from above. He calls his cousin Herlock a "pretend detective" and considers him a fool.

[Source: Official site]

An exclusive character of "The Crown" port.

Professor Moriartyモリアーティ 教授
AliasesMoriarty Kyouju
HairShort, White
ClothesEyepatch, Top Hat
RoleAntagonist, Based on a Fictional Character
Voiced byGouda Hozumi


Leader of a group of criminals and former math professor.
He should have died at Reichenbach Falls but...

Ralph Pendletonラルフ・ペンデルトンA
MeasurementsHeight: 178cm
Birthday3 September
HairBlond, Parted to Side, Sidehair, Straight, Waist Length+
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesDress Shoes, Gloves, Necktie, Pocket Square, Suit, Tailcoat
PersonalityConfident, Disciplinarian, Insightful, Loyal, Perfectionist, Proactive, Protective, Refined, Secretive, Sharp-tongued, Watashi
RoleBodyguard, British, Butler, Legal Guardian, Tutor
Engages inConfinement, Cooking, Duel, Fighting, Investigation, Moving, Sarcasm, Teasing
Subject ofDisappointment, Survival
Voiced byIida Toshinobu


Age: ???
Hobbies: Gardening
Adores: Scones

Lady Whiteley’s loyal butler who guards and attends to her every need at the behest of her deceased parents. He preys on his master’s naivete with frequent teasing and exaggerated scenarios of horror, but his desire to protect her is sincere due to something that happened in the past.

[From XSEED Games]

Sherlock Holmesシャーロック・ホームズAB
AliasesPapa Holmes, ホームズ 父
MeasurementsHeight: 182cm
Birthday19 August
HairGrey, Short, Sideburns, Slicked Back
BodyAdult, Pale, Tall
ClothesCoat, Gloves, Necktie, Trousers, Vest
ItemsSmoking Pipe, Walking Stick
RoleBased on a Fictional Character, British, Detective, Famous, Father
Engages inInvestigation
Voiced byYokota Kouichi


A rare great detective.
Age unknown.
Hobby: Violin
Favorite Food: Ale