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Daughter Fucker ~Papa wa Goshujin-sama~


TitleDaughter Fucker ~Papa wa Goshujin-sama~
Original titleドーターファッカー~パパはご主人様~
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperUnder Lip
PublishersUnder Lip


Aya takes care of her father since her mother died. Growing up, he notices the close resemblance she has to his lost wife. His daughter begins to grow bold as she grows older, wearing nothing but a bathtowel around the house, showing her father her breasts, asking him to touch her. His mind is being driven by desire but he refuses to act, reminding himself that she is his precious true daughter and the gift of his lost wife.

Then on her birthday he celebrates with a few glasses of wine at the dinner they share. A little upset that her gift from her father is a childish stuffed toy she insists he see her as a woman and begins to undress. He desperately tries to stop her but has had too much to drink to intervene ... the day she wished for is here.