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v8280.162016-09-18 at 14:44skorpiondeathAisai Nikkiinverted description link
v8280.152016-09-18 at 14:01skorpiondeathAisai Nikkibetter quality cover
v8280.142016-06-22 at 03:45danishAisai NikkiMissed a clearly NSFW image. Look at the background.
v8280.132016-02-03 at 22:17veroninAisai Nikkithis is more like 4-5 hours at a decent pace
v8280.122015-12-31 at 07:31slv76Aisai Nikkilength
v8280.112015-09-05 at 23:16eacilAisai Nikkimore staff linked - source: website of okomeman 企画脚本ディレクション担当。 weird he didn't credit himself as scenarist
v8280.102015-09-05 at 23:08eacilAisai Nikkistaff linked - akari maki according to her website - 脚本 is not supervision, it's "script; screenplay; scenario" but like there is already a scenario
v8280.92015-09-05 at 21:32skorpiondeathAisai Nikkiminor fix
v8280.82015-09-05 at 21:32skorpiondeathAisai Nikkistaff
v8280.72015-08-30 at 15:34beliarAisai Nikkicast
v8280.62015-01-22 at 20:12multiAisai NikkiReverse relation update caused by revision v12914.5
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v8280.32013-01-10 at 10:46chipp12Aisai Nikki...
v8280.22011-11-01 at 11:41shinnewAisai NikkiAnimu.
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