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Kurui Uta


TitleKurui Uta
Original title狂い詩
PublishersWhite & eants
Shops» JP¥ 1309 @ DLsite


Main character meets former lover's sister after five years at his new job at the university. One night the girl comes to his place with a request to give her shelter as she is on the run. So starts their cohabitation.

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Japanese (3)
2001-11-2218+Kurui Uta
2006-11-1718+Kurui Uta - Download Edition
2006-12-1418+Kurui Uta - DVDPG


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Character summary

Nagasaki KeikoMain character
Nagasaki YuriSide character
Shitara SuzuoSide character
Suou MarimoSide character

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