Sasurai no Ryourinin


Sasurai no Ryourinin
TitleSasurai no Ryourinin
Original titleさすらいの料理人
Publishers Jupiter


Protagonist is a world-wide known chef. This time he decides to cook for two weeks a western mansion on an isolated island. Six girls volunteer to assist him there.

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2000-08-0418+  Sasurai no RyourininNon-freeCommercial640x4801 CD


Character summary

Protagonist Umeda Gorou
Main character Hanahiragi Kaori
Voiced by Nagase Emiya
Main character Hibarino Sumire
Voiced by Sakaguchi Ariko
Main character Natsukage Shizuka
Voiced by Sugawara Fumi
Main character Shirahae Misaki
Voiced by Isshiki Hikaru
Main character Takamine Shouko
Voiced by Ayase Yuu
Side character Enishida Sachiyo
Voiced by Okada Mio
Side character Imari Touko
Voiced by Okada Mio
Side character Kusama Shigemi
Side character Mizuhara Yuriko
Voiced by Minahara Izumi
Side character Oogami Teruki

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