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Flugel ~Yakusoku no Aozora no Shita e~


TitleFlugel ~Yakusoku no Aozora no Shita e~
Original titleフリューゲル~約束の青空の下へ~
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Humans divided into two categories - those who could use magic and those who could not. After invention of internal combustion engine the need in magicians waned and two factions began living isolated.
One day a certain witch visits technology world...

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Japanese (3)
2002-02-1518+Flugel ~Yakusoku no Aozora no Shita e~
2012-06-2218+Flugel ~Yakusoku no Aozora no Shita e~ Download Edition
2012-12-2718+Flugel ~Yakusoku no Aozora no Shita e~


Full character list

Character summary

Rick EhnaltProtagonist
Voiced by Sugisaki Kazuya
Cain RookerMain character
Voiced by Oboredani Rias
Melpha MuhbleMain character
Voiced by Kaibara Elena
Musha HillbentzMain character
Voiced by Konoha Kaede
Selvina KirkmineMain character
Voiced by Hinata Yura
SphinxMain character
Voiced by Shirai Ayano
Bennings FantSide character
Voiced by Sugino Hiroomi
Gardenick DiannelooksSide character
Voiced by Hinata Hikage
GusSide character
HughesSide character
Voiced by Ishida Takashi

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