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Seiin Ningyou Hime Rizell


TitleSeiin Ningyou Hime Rizell
Original title精飲人形姫リゼル
AliasesGuardinia Kingdom Sperma Princess Rizell
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperSoftware circle Mercure
PublishersSoftware circle Mercure & Varieta
Shops» JP¥ 1320 @ DLsite (partial)
» JP¥ 2200 @ DLsite


Princess Liselle of the Kingdom of Gardenia is assassinated at her birthday party. Sorcerer manages to bind her soul to a homunculus body, but to maintain the body princess needs to drink a lot of semen every day. Girl initially thinks that such fate is worse than death, but eventually will for life takes over.

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2008-05-3018+Seiin Ningyou Hime Rizell - Package Edition
2008-05-3118+Seiin Ningyou Hime Rizell - Download Edition
2008-11-2018+Seiin Ningyou Hime Rizell - DVDPG
2009-07-0118+Seiin Ningyou Hime Rizell - The CRIMAX

Full character list

Character summary

Rizel GardiniaMain character
Voiced by Kazuna Sayaka
ShirleyMain character
Voiced by Tamiyasu Tomoe

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Seiin Ningyou Hime Rizell - Package Edition

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