Meisou Toshi


Meisou Toshi
TitleMeisou Toshi
Original title迷走都市
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers The Asenheim Project & JAST Co., Ltd.
 NCy & Transman & The Asenheim Project & JAST USA
 AcgWolf Team & The Asenheim Project
 The Asenheim Project
Shares characters
Sakura no Kisetsu
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Runaway City tells the story of Hiroaki, a boy with a mysterious power of Good Luck. It's almost as it some power makes women do whatever he wants. At first it's a great power to have, then as time goes by it scares him more and more. Unchecked, this power will be the destruction of all Japan. Can you find out the nature of your power and find a way to stop it before it goes too far?


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Main characters

Watanabe Rin
Watanabe Rin A
AliasesAkihabara no Hondala, Virtual Ninja Master
Hair, Blue, Short
Eyes, Blue
Clothes, Baseball Cap, Jacket, Jeans
Personality, Donkan, Otaku, Tomboy
Role, Famous, Gamer
Subject of (Sexual)


Rin is a master in the art of Virtual Ninja. She is trying to beat 100 opponents in a row. With your help she does that and a whole lot more.
Rin wants to run an Arcade when she graduates from college.

Side characters