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Megami Paradise


TitleMegami Paradise
Original title女神天国
AliasesMegami Tengoku
DeveloperNEC Home Electronics
PublishersNEC Home Electronics
Megami Paradise 2
LinksWikipedia (en), Wikipedia (ja), Wikidata
Related anime[DB-ANN] Megami Paradise (OVA, 1995)


The story is set in a utopia-like world made up of only women, under the benevolent rule of a woman called the Mamamega. The Mamamega possesses a magic item called the Astro Star, which absorbs evil from the world outside the paradise they live in. Eventually, when the Astro Star becomes saturated with evil thoughts and desires, the Mamamega has to perform a ceremony to purify the Astro Star, and then she hands over the position of Mamamega to her successor.

As the story begins, the soon-to-be Mamamega chooses Lilith as her first miko (shrine maiden) and tasks Lilith with finding two other mikos, who will serve as guards/attendants to the new Mamamega. But as Lilith goes to try and recruit two others to help her, they cross paths with a group that has other plans for the Astro Star and wants to take over the Paradise they live in...

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1994-09-30Megami Paradise

Full character list

Character summary

AnjelaMain character
Voiced by Shiratori Yuri
JulianaMain character
Voiced by Touma Yumi
LilithMain character
Voiced by Kouda Mariko
MaharajaMain character
Voiced by Araki Kae
PastelMain character
Voiced by Hisakawa Aya
RanranMain character
Voiced by Nagashima Yuuko
RougeMain character
Voiced by Watanabe Kumiko
RurubellMain character
Voiced by Yokoyama Chisa
StasiaMain character
Voiced by Inoue Kikuko
MamamegaSide character
Voiced by Kawamura Maria
PopSide character
Voiced by Honda Chieko
YamimamaSide character
Voiced by Koyama Yuka

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