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Team Innocent: The Point of No Return

チーム・イノセント -ザ・ポイント・オブ・ノー・リターン-

チーム・イノセント -ザ・ポイント・オブ・ノー・リターン-
Team Innocent: The Point of No Return
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperHudson Soft
PublishersHudson Soft
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The events of the game are set in the future. The Galactic Police discovers that a scientist named Cronus has conducted genetic experiments on human beings. The police chief rescues three little girls, each one of whom bears the traces of these experiments. Fast-forward fifteen years: the three young women - Saki, Lilis, and Ariel - now work for the Galactic Police, determined to find out the truth about their origins and the nature of experiments. They are sent on three dangerous missions - missions they might not survive...


Japanese (1)
1994-12-23Team Innocent: The Point of No Return


Full character list

Character summary

ArielMain character
LilisMain character
Voiced by Nakatani Yumi
SakiMain character
Voiced by Maruo Tomoko
Chronos EnhancerSide character
Voiced by Tomiyama Kei
Sigurth GrantSide character
Voiced by Kosugi Juurouta

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Team Innocent: The Point of No Return

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