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Muku 2

無垢 弐

TitleMuku 2
Original title無垢 弐
AliasesMuku Ni, 無垢2
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You are rich beyond imagination. Over tens and hundreds of countries' fashion design companies are in your control. Money, power, everything are yours. However, there still seems to be something missing in your life. One day, you happened to visit one of yours clothes stores and met a girl of your taste. Since then, she becomes your maid in your mansion when she falls in the scheme you have setup. Her father's jewelry store went bankrupt (setup by you) and you lent her father a huge sum of money in return for her to work in the mansion to payback the money. From this date, you will teach and train her to be a "good" maid.

[From Anime Densetsu]


1997-12-1218+Muku 2 - Regular Edition
1997-12-1218+Muku 2 - First Press Edition
2008-01-1618+Muku 2 - Download Edition


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KotomiMain character
MiyukiMain character
YuunaMain character

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